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World Famous Actor

The Toughest Acting Course in America

(Not a requirement for management consideration)

So you want to be a STAR? Then it's time to invest in YOU


Next Available Class: Sep, 2012

Commitment: A one-month course in the Chicago area will be your sole priority.

Guarantee: The toughest, most unconventional course you'll ever take.

Time: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week . (20 classes)

Homework: 2 hours per day.

Tuition: $500.00

Living: You 'll live in Chicago for the month. Living expenses are your responsibility and are (not included) in tuition.

Limit: 10 actors per class/month.

Composition: 50% women / 50% men.

Rules: No smoking on premises. Missing class = disqualification with no refund!

Excuses: None! Except a note from a mortician.

Application: Via E-mail only: include head shot & resume and videoclip of a monologue or scene if available

Acceptance: If accepted, you will be notified by E-mail or telephone. A phone interview/discussion will follow. Tuition is due within 15 days of that interview and not refundable after 8/1/12 ( 25 days prior to start of class)

Requirement: Read Gary Zukav's "The Seat Of The Soul" or "Be Here Now" prior to showing up for class.

Preparation: Know your fatal flaw. Know your addictions and their source. Know your dream. (Put them [whoa!] in writing)

Incentive: One actor of each gender will be offered a Management contract at course end and will be expected to travel to Los Angeles to be signed to a reputable Theatrical Talent Agency.

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Finally - don't bother unless you believe your name is destined to be in the box below.

Note: This class is not a requirement for consideration for Management.

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